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Who we are:
Technologies developed:
ACE Surveillance? 
Face Recognition in Video Technology:
Nouse? Hands-free Interfaces
PINNLib Associative Neural Network Library
Automated Teleoperator X
C-MIDI: Video Annotation of Piano Playing
Organizer: NRC-DTO VT4NS workshop, M50, June 5-6, 2007
Organizer: Intern. Workshop on Video  Processing and Recognition (VideoRec'07), May 28-30, 2007, Montreal, Canada
Organizer: Intern. Workshop on Video Processing for Security (VP4S-06), 7-10 June, 2006, Quebec QB, Canada
Tutorial on "Video Recognition": at Canadian Conf. on Electrical and Computer Engineering, May 7, 2006
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  • NSERC TC Committee on Biometrics & Surveillance 
  • PSEPC Biometrics Working Group  
Recent publications and presentations:
"Zoom on the evidence with ACE Surveillance"
"Working with a computer hands-free using Nouse Perceptual Vision Interface"
"Seeing Faces in Video by Computers," Editorial for Special Issue on Face Processing in Video Sequences of  Image and Vision Computing journal
"ACE Surveillance: The Next Generation Surveillance for Long-Term Monitoring and Activity Summarization"
"Perceptual Cursor - A Solution to the Broken Loop Problem in Vision-Based Hands-Free Computer Control Devices,"
"Video-Based Framework for Face Recognition in Video,"
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Video Recognition Systems
Technical Website

Archived Content: Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes.
  • This website is no longer maintained. Some links might be broken, however most knowledgebase created within the project should still be available.

  • For more information, please contact Dr. Dmitry Gorodnichy. For his more recent publications and knowledgebase, please visit at www.gorodnichy.ca

The highlights of the Video Recognition Systems (VRS) project (2001-2007):

Over its seven-year long history, the project ...

  1. ... produces unique highly acclaimed technologies for
         1) Vision-based computer control (Nouse®) - used in Ottawa long-care Health facilities. Visit www.nouse.ca for more details
         2) Automated Surveillance (ACE Surveillance) - used by NRC Commissionaires and requested by several companies,
         3) Face Recognition from Video (FRiV) - of interest to DND and several Security companies.
  2. ... is featured in three NRC Excellence Reports (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005*) and by many national and international media.
  3. ... becomes one of the first to establish Intelligent Video as a new area of research, introducing such terms as "Video Recognition" (2004) and  "Face Processing" (2003) which are now used by many in the field, and organizing the first International Workshops and  tutorials in the new area.
  4. ... becomes an important source of expertize in Intelligent Video / Video analytics for several Canadian funding agencies (IRAP, NSERC, AIF, CCIFF), security companies and federal GoC departments (RCMP, DND, CBSA).
  5. ... becomes the initiator and coordinator of the interdepartmental Initiative on Video Technology for National Security (VT4NS) , and the first  Canadian partner of the DTO IARPA Video Analysis and Content Extraction (VACE) program. 
  6.    Its leader receives several federal and national awards (NRC, CIPPRS) and is nominated  the "Leader of Tomorrow" by  the Royal Society of Canada's Academy of Science PAGSE.


This site is dedicated to developing Video Recognition Technology.  Several research areas are explored to make this technology work: Computer Vision and Image Processing, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, Neurobiology. Three important application domains demand the development of this technology.

    Domain 1: Security, Surveillance and Monitoring. 
    Domain 2: Visually-enabled computer-human interaction (inc. hand-free user interfaces) 
    Domain 3: Visually-enhanced communication and Intelligent video processing (inc. augmentation and annotation of video) 

Below is description of Licensable Technologies and Foundational Research projects developed in our group for each of these  application domains.  The links to detailed descriptions, online demonstration programs, user documentation, software downloads and licensing opportunities are provided.


Recent Projects:

ACE Surveillance? : Automated extraction and Annotation of Critical Evidence snapshots from Surveillance Video. A new generation surveillance system capable of intelligent processing and managing the surveillance video data. 
[ Status: Ready to use and for licensing. Demos and download available ]
Subprojects & Keywords:
  • Automated abstraction and summarization of surveillance video
  • Automated detection and tracking of objects in video
  • Automated extracted of Critical Evidence Snapshots from surveillance video
  • Zoom-on-the-evidence browsing and search of archived 


Face Memorization & Recognition in Video 
[ Status: Ongoing R&D with licensing opportunities. Demos available ]
Subprojects & Keywords:
  • Memorization and recognition of faces from low-resolution video using associative memory: accumulation of evidence over time in learning and  recognition 
  • Face tracking for face recognition: automatic "best shot" selection & waiting for the evidence
  • Canonical face model suitable for recognition in video
  • Video-based registration of faces
  • Low-resolution  video-based face dataset for testing and tuning FRiV techniques
  • Performance evaluation of  face recognition in video
  • Face annotation in TV shows and surveillance video, tele-conferences
  • Soft biometrics of face recognition in video
  • On-fly memorization and recognition of computer users


Video Processing and Recognition for Security and Biometrics: Many governmental and private companies that use video data for security purposes provide a variety of highly demanded applications for video processing and recognition. This research is aimed at offering solutions to these applications. 
[ Status: Ongoing R&D with licensing opportunities ]
  • Surveillance applications
  • Remote video-based biometrics
  • People tracking and backtracking
  • Multiple-people tracking
  • Multi-camera tracking
  • Memorization-assisted tracking
  • Activity annotation and recognition


Nouse? Perceptual Vision User Interfaces  
[ Status: Ongoing application-driven research with licensing opportunities. Several Publications. Demos available ]
Partner & Licensee: Bruyère Continuing Care - Élisabeth Bruyère Research Institute
Subprojects & Keywords:
  • User's face detection and tracking robust to head motion
  • User's nose sub-pixel precision tracking
  • Blink Detection
  • Facial Gestures Recognition
  • User recognition
  • Vision-based "virtual" Onscreen Keyboard & Hands-free Typing
  • Hands-free Operating System and computer control

Perceptually-enhanced Video Communication 
(for e-conferences, e-learning, e-presence, distant or online learning)
[ Status: Ongoing application-driven R&D within the Broadband Visual Communication Strategic Initiative]

Automated tele-operator
[ Status: Client-requested application-driven. Demos available ]

  • From a number of on-line or offline video streams capturing an event (such as hockey game), the one showing the best  view of it is  automatically selected. 
  • Replaces manual video operator job (e.g. when broadcasting or taping a hockey game on a single recorder or output stream  using several video cameras mounted around a hockey area).

Video recognition filters for distant learning and visual communication
[ Status: Ongoing R&D]
Subprojects & Keywords: 

  • Visual attention driven auto-zooming and auto-focus switching (inc. hand-raising recognition, instructor recognition)
  • Annotation-assisted visual aids for communication and teaching 


Past Projects:

Pianist Hands-Fingers Detection and Tracking
Status: Finished. Published. Demos available ]
Partner & Licensee: U. of Ottawa's Piano Pedagogy Lab.

  • Piano keys detection and rectification
  • Video-midi calibration
  • Hand detection and tracking: foreground, skin segmentation, multiple-object tracking & deformable objects tracking
  • Finger detection and tracking
  • Video annotation of piano playing with and without midi
StereoTracking Project: 
Projection Video Toolkit is combined with Nouse convex-shape tracking to yield 3D face tracking. Can also be used for tracking any object in 3D using two webcams. 
[ Status: Finished. Last updated: 2/2/2002 ]
Collaborator: Gerhard Roth.


Video Processing and Recognition Library: We are constantly in search for the techniques that would allow us to process video as efficiently as it is processed in living vision systems. Both biologically-driven techniques: such as those used for efficient visual attention, temporal processing of low-resolution visual data, data accumulation and neuro- associative memorization and recognition, as well as computational techniques: such as those based on statistical analysis of video images and mathematical operations on them, are considered.  The result is a constantly updated  library that is used in all Perceptual Vision projects of our group. 
[ Status: Ongoing Foundational Research]
  • Video capture from single or multiple cameras or video files & display 
  • Colour analysis of video: robust skin detection using combination of skin models and statistics, general purpose colour tracking and multiple colours tracking
  • Motion analysis of video: statistics-driven background detection and foreground tracking, linear and non-linear first-order and second-order change detection.
  • Intensity analysis of video: convex-shape detection and tracking, sub-pixel precision feature tracking, texture- and edge- based tracking.
  • Face analyzer: eye detection, face rectification, binary facial features extraction,  12-pixel-between-the-eyes canonical face model  suitable for storing from and recognizing in video sequences
  • Multiple-object tracking, multiple-camera tracking, recognition-assisted tracking
  • Tracking-assisted memorization and recognition

Associative Neural Network Library: This is a free for research and development library based on the doctoral work of Dr. Dmitry Gorodnichy and his colleagues. It is used in memorization and recognition parts of Perceptual Vision projects. 
[ Status: Finished. Free license available]

  • Models of Associative Memory
  • Error correction, generalization, artificial intelligence
  • Non-linear processing of data, Synaptic plasticity for data storage, Distributed collective decision making

Technology description:

  • The Presentations website contains publications, power-point presentations, links to the organized events and media reviews of the Video Recognition technology.


  • The Services website (www.computer-vision.org) contains links to organized events and services, including the  on-line proceedings of Video Recognition workshops chaired and organized by Dr. Gorodnichy.


Dr. Dmitry Gorodnichy, Project Leader
Email: dmitry @ gorodnichy.ca  (dg @ videorecognition.com)

Copyright (R) 2001-2009

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For related news and events see: 

Oct. 1, 2007. Dr. Gorodnichy is invited to give a talk for  the Transport Canada Rail and Urban Transit Security Workshop. 
Sept. 6, 2007: The results of WFA are announced: IIT will no longer conduct any activities in the area of Computational Video.
Sept. 2, 2007: SCO jointly with Ottawa U. starts the Phase 2 testing of Nouse.
Aug 15, 2007: DRDC to provide funding for NRC to develop automated access control system based on the VRS face recognition technology.
Aug. 11, 2007: Half-year of testing ACE by NRC commissioners made it a morning routine for them checking out what happened through the night using ACE-Browser.
July 8, 2007: 
CTV features a story on Nouse testing - see video 
June 9 2007:
- New version of Nouse is available for download!
- Website re-organized.
June 7, 2007: 
The Ottawa Citizen" coverage -  NRC's 'Nouse' puts control at tip of computer user's nose.  
June 5-6, 2007  CBC.ca Homepage
CBC features a story on testing Nouse at SCO -
see it
June 5, 2007: RCMP, CBSA and other GoC departments  get together for the VRS organized Meeting on Deploying Video Technology for National Security (VT4NS)
June 1, 2007: Nouse and ACE posters are available for download.
May 31, 2007: VRS attends Immediate Technologies for Border Security (ComDef'07) conference.
May 28-30, 2007: ACE and Nouse are demonstrated at the CRV track of  IS'07 conference.
May 15, 2007: Nouse Phase II testing at SCO begins as disabled users start evaluating the technology.
Apr. 12, 2007:
- New update for ACE available for download.
- New upgrade of Nouse delivered to SCO.
Apr. 3. 2007: Meeting with NRC-ASPM coordinator to discuss using ACE at CISTI ...
Mar 16, 2007: Meeting between VRS and LIVIA to set the joint work on incremental learning for face recognition in video ...
Mar 14, 2007: ACE- Browser (v.2.2) that enables browsing of Annotated Critical Evidence on customer's computer is ready for trying ...
Mar 13, 2007: ACE-Surveillance (v.2.2) - beta release is now available for free download ...
Mar 7, 2007: Ottawa U. Occupational Therapy students share their experience on working with SCO residents for Nouse project ...
Thu, Mar. 1, 2007:
- SCO provides feedback for  Nouse-PVI  development ...
Wed, Feb 21, 2007:
- ACE major update: v.2.0.alpha release allows unlimited number of days archival and more annotations to browse by ...
Wed, Feb. 7, 2007:
- NRC-IIT and Saint Vincent Hospital meet to discuss further collaboration ...
Fri, Feb. 2, 2007:
- ACE is given for testing to RCMP ...
Jan 31, 2007:
Deadline for summer/coop positions with VRS ...
Fri, Jan. 26, 2007:
Nouse-PVI (v.1.0) delivered to SCO residents for testing... 
Jan. 20,  2007:
VRS and DRDC are set for a joint project on face recognition for restricted access areas monitoring...
Thu, Jan. 24, 2007:
VRS meets GateKeeper Inc. to set the ground for joint work...
Jan. 17, 2007
Initiative with Ottawa U.  on identity recognition in surveillance  video is set ...
Jan 15, 2007
Meeting at DRDC on vein-based biometrics tools from Hitachi...
Thu, Jan. 11, 2007
NRC commissioners use ACE Surveillance to better security within NRC premises...
Dec. 14, 2006
ACE first public release:  v1.1.4. After of more than a year  in-lab testing ACE is given to public for testing...
Dec 10, 2007:
VRS gets new domain name and new look at http://vrs.iit.nrc.ca  
Nov. 30, 2006:
Health Initiative meeting in Fredericton brings NRC-IIT scientists working on health-related projects together...
Oct. 30-31, 2006:
VRS makes a invited presentation on Canadian Video Technology interests at DTO VACE meeting... 
Sept. 15 2006:
Perceptual Vision projects lead by D.Gorodnichy are given a new name - Video Recognition Systems...
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