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  2008-present (within CBSA)

Pilot and Research on Operational Video-based Evaluation of Infrastructure & Technology  - 

Methodology and tool for analyzing and raising the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of video recognition technology.

PROVE-IT (VA) : Video Analytics
PROVE-IT (iFR) : Instant Face Recognition   
PROVE-IT (FRiV) : Face Recognition in Video

VAP/VAT: Video Analytics Platform and Testbed (2009-present)

C-BET: Comprehensive Biometric Evolution Toolkit  (2009-present)

  2001-2007 (within NRC)

 Nouse at work

Saint Vincent Hospital resident uses Nouse  to point and click (from CBC)

Nouse: Vision-based computer control (2001-present)

What will you do if one day you can't use your hands to work with a computer? - A unique patented Nouse Perceptual Vision Interface uses advanced Video Recognition algorithms to allow a computer user to operate a computer hands-free using the nose (or any other part of the body). Three main computer-control tasks become possible: i) cursor control, ii) clicking:, iii) key/letter entry.

Nouse is developed in partnership with EBRI, and is available for testing for personal and academic use. See and Intelligent Vision Interfaces from IVIM Inc., 

Nouse is registered trademark of the National Research Council of Canada.


ACE Surveillance at work

NRC Commissionaire uses ACE Surveillance to track down the suspicious activities

ACE Surveillance: Automated Surveillance  (2004-2008)

First reported Canadian live Pilot on using Video Analytics in operational CCTV system



First Canadian live demo of face recognition in regular TV recording and live webcam [at NATO'2004 workshop]

FRiV: Face Recognition in Video (2002-2007)
Facial video dataset (Video-based face dataset)
for evaluation of face recognition in video [CRV 2005]

Biologically-inspired recognition (Associative Recognition in Video)


Associative Neural Network Open Source Library   



Detection and tracking of pianist hands and fingers in real-time - for remote/distant learning 
C-MIDI: Pianist fingers tracking (2004-2006)

With/For: Piano Pedagogy Lab of the Music Department of the University of Ottawa.

Detection and tracking of hockey players in real-time - for intelligent story telling
Other (inc. Automated Tele-operator, Stereo-tracking of faces)

See Video Recognition Systems at NRC-IIT  
Vision-based robot arm tracking for autonomous control of Canadarm-2 (ROSA project) 
With: NRC, MDRobotics and Canadian Space Agency
  1994-2001 (with UofA and InCyb)
World modeling from unreliable visual data for autonomous robot navigation
With: Dendronic Decisions & University of Alberta - PhD dissertation

Neural networks for facial feature detection, tracking and face recognition
With: Bill Armstrong and Xiaobo Li (University of Alberta)

Designing high-capacity neurocomputers for storing and recognizing patterns in real-time
With: Glushkov Center of Cybernetics of Ukrainian Ac.Sc. - PhD dissertation

See Univ. of Alberta alumni pages
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