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As a pilot project with the mandate to enhance the security within the NRC premises, NRC has installed ACE Surveillance technology with several of its surveillance cameras.

The ACE Surveillance software provides NRC commissioners a complete knowledge of all activities happening at  the monitored premises. Either at the desk or away from it a commissioner is able - within minutes - to get a complete description of the passed events and to retrieve the best possible capture of the event or person of a particular interest.

Technical details:  Installed: January 11, 2007


  • Runs non-stop 24/7 on a existing equipment: 
    • Two ADT- installed analog RCA surveillance cameras that monitor the entries to the building 
    • Commissioner's desk-top computer (1GHz Processor, 1 Gb RAM, extra 1Gb of hard-drive - for optional local copy of CES-es)  
Camera locations: two building entrances without receptionists (one of which is the delivery entrance)
  • An alarm sound is produced when someone new arrives.
  • The last captured snapshot  of the person/object is shown, time-stamped - to ensure the officer that nothing happened since then and now
  • Real-time back-rewind - to enable the officer who was a way from the desk to see what happened while he was away.
  • Remote CES (Critical Evidence Snapshots) summarization and browsing using the ACE-Browser - accessible remotely by any commissioner with the password and login information. 
There are many premises that are important to monitor. Most of all, this includes entrances/exits to/from the building where no human personnel present and where an intruder or thief can pass-by unnoticed. Two of such entrance spaces in one of the NRC buildings are shown here. 


In order to tighten the security in such places, NRC has purchased (from ADT security) and installed several surveillance cameras (in December 2006)
Normal Monitoring (without ACE):

Every surveillance camera comes with a monitor, at which a dedicated human personnel has to look  at all times in order to aware of everything happening in the observed premises.

But what happens, when the officer has to leave the desk or is not looking at the monitor ? Will intruders pass unnoticed?  - NO, if you have ACE installed on your computer!

Monitoring with ACE:

In real-time mode - Watch closely when alarm sounds.

In archival mode - Zoom on a day, on hour, then point and click


Interactive ACE-browse demo: click here.

See ACE-Surveillance in action: real-life CES summarizations obtained by ACE users on a variety of monitoring assignments. Easily browse over the detected events and objects by day and hour, see their annotations and selected best-shot captures (data courteously provided by our clients)

Days viewed in this demo correspond to different real monitored assignments: difference is seen as a new station, camera and/or setup (e.g different angles of view, lighting conditions, camera image quality, complexity of observed events, number of of tracked objects, their velocities, shapes and sizes)

Animated Gif: 
Video recognition (detection and tracking) quality vs. quality of video images, at different times of the day. 

Output of the ACE: The entire activity captured by the surveillance system over several hours (from the office window) is summarized into 2 minutes (600Kb) of annotated video comprised of Critical Evidence Snapshots (CES).

Older demos (January - May 2006):

These are the results from several real-life monitoring tasks as obtained by the recognition module of the CES client. Note the quality of the video image for different cameras and lighting conditions.  

(Timestamp is shown at top right of the video image. Detected objects/actions are highlighted with coloured boxes. Blue box - the center of computed foreground. Red box - motion center. Green box - enclosing around the object)

 1. Monitoring the premises in front of an office: 

Hours of operation: 19 hours (16:45 - 10:00).

Cam 1: USB web-cam. 
# of extracted CES:  148

Summarization: wmv video (600Kb), CES

2. Monitoring the premises in front of a house: 

Hours of operation: 20 hours (22:10 - 18:09) and 20 hours next day (22:06 - 17:34)

Cam 1: wireless CCTV cam + Video2USB converter.
# of extracted CES:  177 and 222

Summarization: video part1 (900Kb) and video part2 (1.9Mb)annotated CES (6Kb each), original CES.

3. Three-cam monitoring around a house

Hours of operation: 15 hours (21:00 - 14:30)

Cam 1 - overviews carport in the front of the house: USB web-cam (summary avi - 74Kb)

Cam 2 - overviews carport in the front of the house: wireless CCTV cam+ Video2USB converter (summary avi - 800Kb)

Cam 3 - overviews the road  in the back of the house: USB web-cam (summary avi - 4Mb)
# of extracted CES:  X, Y, Z

Enter here to interactive security monitoring
Password: "c.e.s." (lowercase).  
Press ">>" when you are there.

4. Example of automated surveillance annotation:   

Hours of operation: 10 hours (22:00 - 8:00).

Cam 1: USB web-cam. 
# of extracted CES: 23

Enter here. Password: "c.e.s." (lowercase).
Last updated: 2007-X-05
 Project Leader: Dmitry Gorodnichy