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As a service to the community, ACE software is offered at no-cost to all NRC employees. 
It can also be given to other public and government organizations, upon request.

Prior to registration and software download familiarize yourself with the Software Licence Agreement.
By downloading any of the files from this site,
you acknowledge reading the SLA and agreeing to its terms and conditions.


ACE-Surveillance (ACE-Surveillance.exe) is an automated video surveillance program that allows one to perform long-term monitoring with off-the-shelf camera(s) and limited-space hard-drive desktop computer. It is based on the advanced video-recognition technology capable of automatically detecting and tracking objects video. As a result, the program is able to summarize the observed activities (which would normally be stored as lengthy and difficult to analyse video clips) in a very intuitive and succinct manner using Annotated Critical Evidence (ACE) snapshots (CES-es), which can be viewed either remotely or locally: either on-fly or in archival mode using the ACE-Browser (ACE-Browser.php). Both ACE-Surveillance and  ACE-Browser* are available for free download. For full functionality of ACE-Surveillance.exe, the approved registration if required. Registration is free and is approved on the on-request basis. 

System requirements: 

  • Processor: 800MHz (minimum), Pentium IV 1 GHz or higher (recommended)
  • OS: MS Windows 2000 or XP
  • RAM: 512 Mb (minimum) , 1 Gb or more (recommended)
  • HD space: 
    • 20Mb  - for ACE-Surveillance installation with remote archival  
    • (optional) 1Gb per week for archival of data on local hard-drive.
    • (optional) 100Mb Apache-based local ACE-Browser installation,
  • Installed USB or USB2 camera(s), video digitizer(s) or frame-grabber(s)


  1. Step 1 - Registration:
    To download ACE and to request additional features (such as remote archival of the data on our server and ACE-Browser for local image browsing), you have to register at registration page.
    •  Registration is free and is used to keep track of the users of this technology. 
    • NB: It may take a few days to approve your registration and to email you the confirmation, depending on the time constraints of the ACE administrator.
  2. Step 2 - Download ACE-Surveillance-Installer-R-V-S.exe:
    Upon  the registration, you will be able download the ACE-Surveillamce software by clicking on the appropriate links below. When asked for login name and password, type your email and password* exactly as used at registration. 
    • (*) ACE-Browser-Setup.exe requires another password which is emailed to approved users.
  3. Step 3 - Documentation:
    • Detailed description of ACE Surveillance is given at the VideoRec'07 demonstration. 
      Download  paper and summary poster from these links [Paper] [Poster]
    • Demos and program snapshots are available at the Demonstrations page. 
    • For installation and running instructions see 
  4. Step 4 - Enabling all features:
    • Upon receiving the registration confirmation email with your Activation number, modify your access_ace.txt file as instructed in the email. All features of ACE-Surveillance will be enabled. 
  5. Step 5 - Feedback
    Reporting problems and  providing feedback can be done at Support & Feedback page (TBD).
  6. Step 6 - Download ACE-Browser-Installer-R-V-S.exe (for approved clients only) 

Main programs

  1. ACE-Browser-Installer-3.0.exe. (33Mb, May 2007) -  Available to approved clients only.
  2. ACE-Surveillance-Installer-3.2.exe (6Mb, Aug 2007) - Available for everyone. Release Notes:

Update history
(The older versions are not supported and are listed for history only)

Last updated: 2007-X-05
 Project Leader: Dmitry Gorodnichy