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Nouse® Perceptual Vision Interface

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What's new:

08.VII.2007 (18:27):
Story on Nouse on CTV. Video : WMV

- Nouse is made available for download!
- Website re-organized.
- Dmitry leaves for family vacation (till 20 July)

Documentation and video demos are put on site. 

The Ottawa Citizen: NRC's 'Nouse' puts control at tip of computer user's nose  

CBC.ca Homepage  Hands-free mouse helps disabled nose through the net. 
Video : Play: Real Media » & Play: QuickTime » & WMV

poster available for download.

Nouse Phase II testing at SCO commences.

Feb-May 2007:
Over 20 additions and upgrades to the Nouse-PVI (v.1.0.1 - v.2.6.2) delivered to SCO.

Jan. 26, 2007:
Nouse-PVI (v.1.0) delivered to SCO for pre-testing.

For media coverage of Nouse, visit Media coverage page.

History of Nouse development:


  • Winter: Stereo-Tracking project is launched to combine the expertise of a new member of the Computational Video group, D. Gorodnichy - a recent graduate from  University of Alberta where he worked on feature tracking for robot navigation and automated detection of eyes in photo-pictures, with the expertise of Gerhard Roth on stereo 3D reconstruction. The hope is that by using two cameras, facial feature tracking could be improved, as available at the moment face tracking techniques left much to be desired.
  • Spring: In experimenting with different facial motions in 3D,  tracking of the nose tip is found most robust compared to all other facial features. Tracking technique  specially  tailored for tracking the convex shape of the nose is then designed. First demo programs showing that it possible to write with the nose as with finger are developed.
  • 5am on a July night of 2001: after several weeks of searching for a name for the new technology, the Nouse [naus] occurs as combination of Nose and Mouse.
  • Summer: NousePaint and BubbleFrenzy point-n-shoot game developed. First public demos of writing with the nose.
  • Sept 5: "Introducing Nouse". An opening talk on the NouseTM technology made at IIT-NRC on Sept 5, 2001 - html.
  • Fall:  work on conference papers on Nouse begins.


  • "Nouse™ brings  users with disabilities and video game fans one step closer to a more natural way of interacting hands-free with computers..." -  Silicon Valley North magazine, Jan 2002  (pdf, html)

  • D.O. Gorodnichy, S. Malik and G. Roth. Nouse `Use Your Nose as a Mouse' - a New Technology for Hands-free Games and Interfaces, (VI'2002), pp. 354-361, Calgary, May 27-29, 2002. NRC 45855 [Abstract & Pdf] [Poster]

  • Dmitry O. Gorodnichy. On Importance of Nose for Face Tracking,  (FG'2002), pp. 188-196, Washington DC, May 20-21, 2002. NRC 45854 [Abstract & Pdf] [Poster]
  • May: Application for patent coincides with the birth of Dmitry's first daughter.
  • Double Blink  is conceived as a click replacement mechanism (later experiments with SCO patients showed that this technique can't be used for most of them due to eyeglasses. NouseBlink will be then proposed in 2006)


  • The idea Feedback providing cursor is conceived. First implementation (flying box with changing colours) is implemented.
  • " It is a convincing demonstration of the potential uses of cameras as natural interfaces." - The Industrial Physicist, Feb. 2003 (pdf, html)
  • Nouse is the cover feature of the August issue of Planeta Digital, Brasil ("Hope without limits", in portuguese) which rates it top over other vision-based cursor control programs.
  • Dmitry O. Gorodnichy. Second order change detection, and its application to blink-controlled perceptual interfaces. (VIIP 2003), pp. 140-145, Benalmadena, Sept. 8-10, 2003. NRC 47151 [Abstract & Pdf] [Slides]


  • Gorodnichy, Dmitry O. "Method for video-based nose location tracking and hands-free computer input devices based thereon", 
    Canadian Patent 2,395,886. / US Patent 10/201,957. Filed: July 25, 2002. Pending: January 29, 2004. 


  • Dmitry O. Gorodnichy, Perceptual Cursor - a solution to the broken loop problem in vision-based hands-free computer control devices
    NRC-IIT Technical Report ERB-1133, February 2006. NRC 48472. [Abstract & Pdf] [Pdf] [Cites
  • Gorodnichy, Dmitry O. "ACTIVE CURSOR: Feedback Providing Cursor For Hands-free Pointing in Computer-User Interfaces", New Canadian Informal Patent Application, November 1, 2005.
  • MOU between NRC and SCO signed on developing Nouse
  • Gilles Bessens and Dmitry O. Gorodnichy Towards building user seeing computers. (FPiV'05) jointly with AI/GI/CRV'05, 9-11 May 2005, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2005. NRC 48210. [Abstract & Pdf] [Slides]
  • NouseBoard is conceived, as a board that maps onto the range of nose motion.


  • Phase I Nouse user variability study is performed by SCO and video data provided to NRC for adapting the technology
  • NouseClick, NouseEditor is developed. Many overall improvements are made based on the data provided by SCO.


  • NouseTyper and NouseChalk are developed.
  • Nouse is delivered to SCO for testing, as Phase II Nouse testing commences.

To be continued.