First federal departments meeting on
Deploying Video Technologies for National Security

Organized by:

NRC-CNRC Institute for Information Technology’s Computation Video Group, and
USA DTO Disruptive Technology Office, Video Analysis and Content Extraction program


When: June 5-6 (Tuesday-Wednesday), 2007,

Where: NRC-IIT (M-50), Rm. 379, Ottawa.



Coordinator: Dmitry Gorodnichy, NRC/IIT (

Attendance: by invitation only (restricted to GoC Depts.)



  • Identify common needs and problems in deploying Video Technologies (VT) for national security
  • Synchronize the effort in finding solutions and setting the standards for VT for the new century.
  • Connect VT users with VT experts.


History of meetings:

Brochures (unclassified):

-       vace_brochure.pdf

-       infox_brochure.pdf 


Confirmed parties:

-        DTO/VACE (Disruptive Technology Office/Video Analysis and Content Extraction)

-        NRC/IIT/Computation Video Group/Video Recognition Systems

-        NRC/Administrative  Services and Property Management Branch / Security Operations / Security Services

-        NRC/ Institute for Microstructural Sciences / Acoustics and Signal Processing Group

-        NRC/ Institute for Aerospace Research/Flight Research Laboratory

-        CRC (Industry of Canada, Communications Research Centre)/Advanced Video Systems

-        CRIM (Computer Research Institute of Montreal)

-        CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency)/Laboratory and Scientific Services Directorate

-        RCMP/ Surveillance Technology Section / Covert Video (CV), Remote Sensing Technologies (RST) and Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) units

-        RCMP/ Technical Security Branch

-        DRDC/Automated Intelligent Systems/UAV

-        DRDC/Network Information Operations Section

-        DRDC/Centre for Operations Research & Analysis (CORA)

-        CPRC (Canadian Police Research Center)

-        Transport Canada / Security Technology / Security and Emergency Preparedness

-        Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

-        DND/Forces (several depts.)




June 5 (Tue). UNCLASSIFIED meetings.

AM: 9:00 - 12:30.  NRC-IIT (M-50), Rm 379, (or Auditorium)


General audience presentations


-        9:00 Round table introduction and expression of interest from the parties.


-        9:30 Presentations from DTO:

o       overview of InfoX

o       on VACE

o       interests in Canadian programs


-        9:30 VT needs and problems within GoC departments


-        CBSA: 15 min - Systems related to port security for asset protection and office safety/ Systems related to automated license plate readers at major land border crossings /Covert systems for intelligence and investigations.


-        RCMP Surveillance Technology Section:  15 min - Covert Video (CV), Remote Sensing Technologies (RST) and Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)


-        round table



-        10:30 VT SATE (state-of-the-art)  within GoC departments


-        NRC-IIT Video Recognition Systems projects:

o       Video Recognition Systems projects 

o       ACE Surveillance demo (Example of deployment of Automated Surveillance System within NRC premises)


-        CRC Advanced Video Systems:  15 min


-        CRIM: Vision projects (E-Inclusion, PTZ cams for surveillance)


-        round table



12:30-14:00  LUNCH  (Venue TBD)




June 5 (Tue). UNCLASSIFIED meetings.

PM: 14:00-17:00 NRC-IIT, Rm 379


Close-group discussions  (with those specifically working with Video technologies):  DTO with NRC-IIT, CBSA, RCMP, DRDC


- Issues to discuss:

- Sharing examples of successful VT deployment


- SATE (State of the art) in VT technologies,  which are available as of today?

- Testing/Using VACE technologies by GoC Depts.


- for faces, 

- for licence plates

- for “unmanned” and remote video surveillance systems

- for automatization in  unattended video surveillance systems (detection and summarization of events of interest).

- remote power for mobile surveillance systems.

- post processing of recorded video information.

- national standards for digital video systems indicating compression type, compression amount and images per second required for specific scenarios.

- national standards for the transfer and storage of digital video evidence.




18:00.   DINNER  (Venue TBD)


(Those interested in attending the Dinner should contact Gerhard Roth)





June 6 (Wed).  AM: 9:00 – 12:00 NRC-IIT, Rm 379


CLASSIFIED meeting (for those who requested it) - TBD

TBD: After/before/instead of  CLASSIFIED meeting:
- Visit to NRC commissionaires for live demonstration of ACE Surveillance.

- Live Demonstration of other NRC-IIT’s technologies related to VACE or InfoX:

- Augmented Reality room and gadgets

- Vision-based hands-free control using Nouse (nose as mouse)

- TBD: Other IIT technologies